2degrees says it will close its 2G mobile network in March 2018.

Switching off 2G means 2degrees can reallocate spectrum to where it is more useful.

The change will affect a small number of mobile users. 2degrees plans to move them to the company’s 4G network.

2degrees says it hasn’t sold 2G phone hardware since 2015. It spent the last year encouraging customers to upgrade. Those who have yet to move still have six months to prepare. 2degrees says it will contact its 2G customers in coming months to help prepare them for the change.

There are machine-to-machine and embedded devices on the 2degrees 2G network. The company says it will work with customers to help them upgrade.

Many overseas phone companies have already closed their 2G networks. Telstra made the move last year. Optus switched its off in April of this year. Vodafone Australia says it plans to close its 2G network in March. Vodafone New Zealand has yet to announce its plans.