Universal Communications Group has built fibre to 123 public transport locations in Auckland. The company says the smart city network will be used to give commuters more bandwidth and, in time, deliver improved internet services.

Part of the project will upgrade the performance of 3000 closed circuit television cameras used to monitor traffic on the road network as well as bus stops, train stations and ferry terminals.

Chorus contracted UGC for the roll-out, the client was Auckland Transport. UGC managed, designed and delivered all the fieldwork. Network services are provided by Fusion Networks.

Kurt Rodgers, Chorus network strategy manager says fibre is the right tool for the job because of its reliable and consistent performance around the clock. He says this makes it perfect for CCTV.

He says; "For smart locations every installation is unique. For this project – it was a very large project across Auckland and every site had to be scoped individually. We bespoked the design for every individual site to enable it all, to be brought back to this monitoring centre.”

Auckland Transport telecommunications lead Andrew Carr says his organisation has a fibre-first philosophy. “We know that there’s going to be a greater requirement of bandwidth capability and data as we move more towards automation, as we move to connected autonomous vehicles, as we move to different ways of making a smart mobile city.”

UCG is a Chorus UFB partner. It has a UFB2 and UFB2+ contract that runs until March 2022.