Consumer says when it comes to customer satisfaction Vodafone rates bottom in both mobile and broadband.

Consumer's annual telecommunications customer satisfaction survey found Vodafone was the only company rating below-average on all performance measures.

The organisation says: "About three-quarters of Vodafone's broadband customers reported spending a long time on the phone waiting to speak to a rep. Nearly half said the service was poor once they finally got through."

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says: “Vodafone needs to spend less on flashy advertising and more on sorting out its service."

Things are better at Spark, but far from perfect. The company's mobile customers gave it a below-average mark for overall satisfaction.

Between them, the two biggest telcos dragged down average overall satisfaction scores. Mobile providers were rated at 54 percent while internet service providers scored 49 percent.

While the smaller companies did better, Consumer singled out Spark's Skinny subsidiary for praise saying it has a satisfaction score of 75 percent. Skinny has a low-touch support model, so it's not clear if customers prefer not dealing with call centre staff or if they have different expectations.

2degrees was also above average with a 61 percent satisfaction rating. Spark managed 49 percent, while Vodafone was on 48 percent overall.

The top-rated ISP was Flip, with an overall satisfaction score of 70%. However, it doesn’t offer fibre. Among ISPs that do, Skinny customers reported fewer problems than others.

Chetwin says one in three fibre customers encountered issues during installation, while 20 percent said agreed installation times weren’t met. About one-in-eight or 12 percent of the sample said their property had been damaged or not restored properly during installation.

Consumer quizzed 1561 New Zealanders aged 18 or over for the survey which took place in December 2017.