A Broadband Compare survey found 75 percent of New Zealanders who use streaming services pay for at least one of the services.

The survey questions 1250 New Zealanders on streaming and entertainment and found adoption rates are impressive across all age groups. However, there are clear generational differences.

Streaming is more popular than traditional television for people aged 25 to 54. In the last six months 87 percent of this group have viewed streaming content. The number drops to a 78 percent for those aged between 55 and 64. For people over 65, a still respectable, 64 percent watched streaming TV in the last six months.

Younger males are more likely to be streaming pirates. Broadband Compare says 31 percent of all 18 to 34 year-olds admitted accessing illegally streamed content. One in five males, 20 percent, use illegal streams while this applies to only 13 percent of females. Significantly 90 percent of all those who use illegal sources also use legal services.

Quality of service trumps cost in the eyes of New Zealand streamers. Broadband Compare found 78 percent say quality is the most important factor when choosing a streaming service. Meanwhile 69 percent say cost is extremely important.

A kicker here is that Broadband Compare found 63 percent of customers over the age of 65 consider customer service — not traditionally a strong point with streaming services — as extremely important.

Older users also admit to being less confident about using the technology. Only 24 percent of over 65s regard themselves as extremely confident about streaming.

Sky TV remains popular with the 45 to 65 age bracket, 36 percent of people in this range have a subscription. Younger New Zealanders, aged 25 to 44 are more likely to have a Netflix account with 74 percent of people in this range having subscriptions.

The average monthly spend on streaming is $37.50.

Broadband Compare says old school television remains popular with 72 percent of the population watching it in the last six months.