The Commerce Commission has released its final guidance on the obligations of wholesale service providers.

There are two key ideas at the heart of the guidance: equivalence and non-discrimination.

Equivalence means the terms they offer must be the same as they offer their own business operations. Non-discrimination means they can’t play favourites with retail service providers.

Among other matters, this will determine the future of unbundled fibre. Since the start of the year, fibre wholesalers must offer unbundled layer one fibre to retail service providers on equivalent and non-discriminatory terms.

Chorus, Enable, UFF and Northpower have all published their proposed offers.

Now the Commerce Commission is investigating whether the non-price terms attached to unbundled fibre offers meet the regulatory requirements.

In its guidance the Commission explains how it will monitor and enforce obligations.

Telecommunications Commissioner Tristan Gilbertson says: “We strongly encourage fibre providers to review their product offerings against the guidance we have issued and to make any changes necessary to bring them into compliance as quickly as possible. We also encourage retailers to raise issues with the LFCs where they believe the product offerings are not meeting the required obligations.”