Downstream data traffic on the Chorus network peaked at 1.75Tbps on Monday when Auckland entered a temporary Level 3 Covid lockdown. On Tuesday it reached 1.63Tbps.

Monday’s nationwide traffic was 55 percent higher than Tuesday the week before. That’s the nearest direct comparison. Monday the previous week was a public holiday.

Almost all the extra traffic could be attributed to Auckland which was up 96 percent on normal levels. The rest of New Zealand was 13 percent higher than a normal workday.

Upstream data traffic increased by 41 percent nationwide and 61 percent in Auckland. This shows an increased use of video conferencing.

Another indicator of the importance of video conferences came in the form of small bursts of extra activity every half hour as online meetings started.

While this week’s data traffic showed huge surges compared with recent weeks, they came nowhere near the highs experienced last year when New Zealand first went into lockdown. At that time data traffic peaked at a fraction over three terabits per second.