Chorus says it has completed Dunedin’s fibre network nearly two years ahead of schedule. It has also completed the first phase of the Ultra-Fast Broadband project in the South Island. The company has installed fibre networks in nine towns and cities covering more than 150,000 households.

In 2014 Dunedin was selected as New Zealand’s first Gigatown in a competition that saw towns compete to be the first to have a 1Gbps network. 

Today Dunedin has around 12,000 gigabit connections. The network passes 53,000 homes. About half of the city’s homes and businesses have already connected to the fibre network. The average broadband speed in the city is 309Mbps, four times the national average. 

Dunedin also has a city-wide Wi-Fi network that uses the gigabit fibre technology.

Chorus chief executive Kate McKenzie says; “Since 2015, the people of Dunedin have truly embraced their gig win. Gig connections have gone up five-fold, and average speeds are surpassing those of some the world’s most productive hubs."

Now the South Island focus has switched to the UFB2 and 2+ projects which will see the fibre network extend to 150 more South Island towns by 2022.