Enable Networks says it expects to finish its fibre build by the end of next year. That's a year ahead of schedule.

The company has the UFB contract for Christchurch and surrounding centres.

It began rolling out fibre in late 2011 and planned to finish at the end of 2019. Today about 83 percent of the 180,000 homes and businesses in the area have fibre access.

Enable CEO Steve Fuller puts the early finish down to innovation. He says: "We’ve continued to innovate in our deployment methods throughout our build. We're always looking to improve efficiency.

"Our network is all underground. We’ve introduced shallow trenching and innovative ground cutting technology, alongside underground drilling. Plus, we’ve introduced real-time production planning for every day of operation to optimise the build. These new approaches helped us accelerate our build and, importantly, reduce the amount of time we are in people’s streets.”

Fuller says people in Christchurch either already have, or soon will have, access to the best broadband connectivity. He says: "People across our community are no longer limited by their broadband connection. "