Chorus reports that half of all its broadband connections now use fibre. The company added 43,000 fibre connections during the quarter, taking it to a total of 599,000. That’s up from 433,000 a year earlier. The total number of connections is 1.2 million.

Fibre uptake across the Chorus network is now at 53 percent of the premises able to connect to the service.

The company’s fourth quarter connections update also notes demand for 1Gbps fibre connections climbed 16 percent in the last three months.

Chorus added 8000 1Gbps connections during the quarter taking it to a total of 58,000 connections on the fastest speed plans.

Data use continues to climb. In the report for the period to the end of June the average monthly data use across the Chorus network was 265GB. Aucklanders use more data than customers elsewhere.

Fibre users now average 341GB a month, up from 329GB in the previous quarter. The peak time use on the network is now more than 2Tbps. That’s up 77 percent compared with two years ago.