Chorus installed 50,000 new fibre connections in the September quarter. That is a new record for the number of connections in a quarter. During the period, the uptake rate climbed from 45 percent to 50 percent. The number of fibre connections is up 46 percent on the same time a year earlier. Fibre now makes up a third of all Chorus’ 1.5 million connections.

Slower speed copper ADSL connections have fallen 28 percent in the past year for Chorus. There are now 402,000. Some of that was down to customers moving to the faster VDSL technology. Chorus saw a rise of 5.1 percent in copper VDSL connections. 

The year saw Chorus lose a total of 19,000 connections during the quarter and 75,000 during the year. This is a fall of 4.7 percent. Most of this fall took place as customers in non-Chorus fibre areas switched from copper to the new technology. The fall was as expected. 

There’s a clear move to faster plans and greater data use. The number of gigabit connections on the Chorus network is now 36,000. That is up 20 percent on the previous quarter. Chorus says most connections, about 70 percent of the total, are now on 100Mbps connections. The number of 50Mbps connections has fallen from almost half to around one-sixth in two years.

Seven in ten broadband connections are on unlimited data plans. This reflects the increased amount of data consumed per connection. In the September quarter, the average across the network was 221GB up from 210GB in the June quarter. 

Chorus says fibre users now average 307GB. Most of this is down to the rise in streaming video. This is reflected in the time of day statistics, which shows the average throughput on the network now peaks at around 8:30 in the evening.