Hawaiki says it is on track to begin laying its submarine cable in October. The cable will link New Zealand and Australia with the US mainland via Hawaii and American Samoa.

The company says the 14,000km fibre cable has been made and is now being loaded onto two ships: CS Global Sentinel and CS Responder.

Elsewhere Hawaiki has completed the drilling needed for cable landings in Pacific City, Oregon and Sydney. The company says installation permits for Australia, New Zealand and Oregon are in hand. Hawaiki has completed land duct routes in Northland and in Sydney. The New Zealand cable station is being constructed and terminal equipment is being installed in Australia. The laying, installation and building work should all be completed by the middle of next year.

Hawaiki CEO Remi Galasso says: “Considering the scope of the project, the progress to date has been staggering. It is a thrill to reach the installation phase and know that we will soon be ready to light the system and deliver much needed capacity to the region.”