Fibre Max broadband plans showed a marked improvement in the April 2021 Measuring Broadband NZ report published by the Commerce Commission.

Fibre Max is the name given for plans with a nominal speed of 1Gbps. Previous Measuring Broadband reports found Fibre Max plans underperformed. In the April report the average Fibre Max speed was 840Mbps. That’s more than 200Mbps higher than in earlier reports.

The report says the improvement is because of network changes at the end of 2020. It also notes there is no performance dip during peak hours for customers on these plans. Upload speeds on Fibre Max plans average 500Mbps.

Vodafone and Spark offered better Fibre Max performance than other ISPs, but the report notes the difference is not statistically significant.

Vodafone’s HFC Max, broadband based on the company’s hybrid fibre co-axial cable network, was measured for the first time. It comes in behind Fibre Max with an average download speed of 672Mbps. The average upload speed is 93Mbps.

Customers buying 100Mbps fibre plans get exactly what it says on the label: connections running a tick over 100Mpbs.

VDSL performed better than fixed wireless broadband for downloads while fixed wireless was a little faster than VDSL for uploads. The average VDSL customer saw 41.9Mbps down while the fixed wireless average was 25.2Mbps. These speeds are in line with earlier reports.