At Stuff Tom Pullar-Strecker reports on an interview with newly-appointed Broadcasting Minister Kris Faafoi who says more media firms could team with internet service providers. This includes the free-to-air TV broadcasters.

He says: “I think you will start seeing now a lot more talk of ‘dance partners’ starting to get together and thinking about what the future for them is as an internet service provider attached with a traditional media provider.”

Stuff, formerly Fairfax, is already in this position as it owns Stuff Fibre. Vodafone attempted something similar last year before its merger with Sky TV was turned down by the Commerce Commission. Spark told Pullar-Strecker there is nothing in the pipeline now, but this is an evolving space. 

Faafoi says he wants a healthly private media, but strengthening public broadcasters is “non-negotiable”. He told Stuff if ISPs and media firms did join forces, that could mean consumers having to pay for content that had previously been free, such as free-to-air TV.

The interview also revealed the government had looked at the cost of making TVNZ 1 a non-commercial channel but Faafoi says the numbers were hard.