Network for Learning is offering to check schools’ internet in readiness for the exam season. The idea is to give students the best experience and to protect their safety when taking online exams.

The offer is free to schools. N4L says has been taken up by more than 300. It is working with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

This year two-thirds of NCEA exams can be taken online. Earlier this year the Education Ministry boosted funding for online exams as part of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

N4L says the ‘health check’ will assess exam room speeds and security. It will look for dead spots without connectivity and make sure a school’s wireless network is up to the job.

Last year N4L says it helped a school that was under an online attack to continue with a digital exam.

Security remains a key focus. N4L’s check will advise schools on how to stop students reaching non-authorised websites. It will also work to stop outsiders from tampering with systems.

N4L CEO Larrie Moore says: “Giving schools the confidence their internet will work properly, is protected from outside intruders, and is set up to stop students going where they shouldn’t is crucial to fostering an environment where students are able to focus on their exams so they can do their best on the big day.”