Around 200 employees, roughly one-tenth of the total, are set to lose their jobs in Vodafone’s latest restructure. The company says it will hire another 150 staff in new roles to support its key priorities.

It is the third time in three years Vodafone has reduced its staff numbers.

A statement from Vodafone describes the restructure as: “accelerating its long-term strategy to deliver benefits to customers faster”.

Along the way the company’s business units will be reorganised. Vodafone’s consumer and enterprise teams will now handle both sales and service delivery. Previously the two functions were seperate. At the same time certain roles will be moved out of these teams and into a new company-wide commercial team dealing with “product experience”.

Vodafone says these changes will eliminate duplication.

A raft of other initiatives were announced at the same time as the job cuts. Vodafone says it plans to spend $110 million improving the sales and customer experience. The company has struggled in the past with customer service.

Vodafone says it plans to spend $115 million to accelerate its programme developing digital products and services. Earlier this week it announced it would spend an extra $100 million on mobile and internet coverage. This includes adding to the 5G footprint.