More New Zealanders than ever were on the wrong end of phishing, fraud and malware in the three months to September.

Cert, Computer Emergency Response Team, says it recieved 2610 incident reports. That’s up 33 percent on the previous quarter and close to double the level of the same time a year earlier.

The cost of crime is rising even faster than the number of incidents. Cert says people reported crimes worth $6.4 million in the quarter. Again that’s almost double the same period a year earlier.

Cert is the Government agency set up to help businesses, other government agencies and individuals who face online crime. It points out the numbers reflect reported crimes. The actual level of incidents and losses incurred will be higher.

While phishing and credential harvesting were the most reported incidents, distributed denial of service attacks on high profile organisations like the NZX made headlines during the quarter.

The quarter saw the emergence of Emotet, malicious software spread by email. If users click on links in the message, the software will install and steal sensitive data including passwords.