Spark Sport says it served up over six million hours of streaming video during the Rugby World Cup tournament.

The All Blacks - Ireland quarter final was the most watched game with 212,000 live and on-demand streams. In many cases more than one person watched the stream. The England - Australia quarter final was the second most viewed game with 191,000 streams. 

Although there were fewer streams, the busiest game from a network perspective was the Wales - France quarter final. Both Spark and Chorus saw record data traffic on their networks. Spark’s traffic peaked at 1.2Tbps, that’s 40 percent higher than any previous Sunday night. Chorus clocked 2.6Tbps on its network. 

Quarter final matches were the last games to air exclusively on Spark Sport. Semi-finals, the final and the bronze medal game all aired on free to air television. 

By the end of the tournament there were more than 200,000 subscriptions to the service. Not all were paid subscriptions, many were part of a company promotion. 

Spark says as many as 40 percent of users watched some content while on the move. The app was supported on 11 different devices, the average user watched games on a least two devices. 

Around 20 percent of customers needed help from Spark at some point during the tournament. Around two thirds of the contact queries were in the first ten days.