From next month Sky TV will wrap Lightbox programmes into its Neon streaming TV service. The media company acquired rival streaming service Lightbox from Spark in December for $6 million.

On July 7 the two services will merge under the Neon brand. They will both use the Neon app.

Sky customers will continue to pay the same $13.95 monthly subscription. Existing Spark Lightbox customers will be able to add the merged service to their Spark bill at a discounted price of $9.95 a month. Some Spark customers previously had Lightbox for free.

Lightbox lasted for five years at Spark. It was introduced as a streaming service before Netflix was officially on sale in New Zealand at a time when the main pay television option was Sky’s satellite service.

At first Lightbox was sold as a separate subscription. Over time Spark used the streaming service as a lure for broadband customers. After July there will be no more free Lightbox bundles.

While Sky plans to use the Neon brand, the underlying technology will come from Lightbox. Sky says Neon customers may need to refresh the app after the switchover.