Starting next month Spark will offer its customers a streaming sports bundle that includes its own content and that of its rival Sky.

The move comes as Sky prepares to launch its own broadband service that will compete with Spark, among others. That is expected to launch early in the new year.

The offer is part of an initial six month commercial agreement between the two companies. Both partners are cagey about revealing the details of that agreement.

Martin Stewart, Sky’s chief executive says his company has a partnership strategy to get its content into the hands of as many viewers as possible. He points to existing partnership deals with Vodafone and TVNZ.

Last year Spark sold its Lightbox entertainment service to Sky. The broadcaster then merged Lightbox with its own Neon brand. Now Spark has a wholesale arrangement with Sky to sell this service to its customers.

There has been speculation that Spark was looking for a similar deal allowing it to exit the sport streaming market.

Spark says it will offer a combined Spark Sport-Sky Sport bundle for $50 a month to broadband and mobile customers who are on contracts.