Spark announced it is shuffling its leadership ranks in a release to the financial markets. The company says the move is part of a broader business transformation that will see it adopt agile work practices.

The change also reflects the departure of Jason Paris who was chief executive of the company’s Home, Mobile and Business (HMB) division. 

From July 1 the leadership team will include managing director Simon Moutter, CFO David Chalmers and HR director Joe McCollum. All three will keep their current roles. Spark Digital CEO Jolie Hodson moves to a new role as customer director. Meanwhile platforms chief digital officer Claire Barber becomes product director and Connect COO Mark Beder, becomes technology director. The company will recruit a new marketing director. 

Spark Ventures CEO Ed Hyde will leave the company.

Grant McBeath, who replaced Paris as interim CEO of the HMB unit earlier this year, stays in the job until July. Then he returns to his old job running Spark’s consumer and SME sales and service channels.

The release quotes Spark managing director Simon Moutter saying the change will see a less hierarchical structure and small self-managing teams.

Agile is a term that is usually applied to software development. Some of its ideas come from the Japanese Kanban approach. Among other things it uses cross functional teams who often co-operate more closely with customers. It looks to bring continual improvement and a flexible response to constant change.