Spark revealed the company's Spark Sport service will launch early next month. Customers signing for the service will get a one month free trial. After that they will pay $20 a month for access to all the sporting codes. It's a pay-as-you-go model with customers not being asked to sign long-term contracts.

The streaming service will be online in time for the Australian Grand Prix. As the technology is untested at scale, Spark Sport is hedging by simultaneously broadcasting them on TVNZ's free Duke channel.

At the time of writing, Spark Sport's launch line-up includes: Formula 1, the FIH Pro hockey league, live NBA basketball matches, Heineken Cup Rugby games, some Premier League and Champions League content, and the World Rally Championships.

Spark Sport says the launch will start as a beta test. This will let the company test its technology in real conditions. Jeff Latch, who heads the operation, says: “We will continually be developing the platform and rolling out new functionality in the weeks and months after launch.”

From day one the service will be available on most popular web browsers. There are options for customers with Apple iPhones, iPads and AirPlay. Spark Sport will also work with Android phones, tablets and Chromecast. Later there will apps for some Samsung TVs. Over time this range will broaden to include other smart TV brands and Apple TV.

Spark Sport says it will reveal details about its Rugby World Cup streaming next month, after the launch of the initial service.