The Commerce Commission says almost all the recent cut in the regulated wholesale broadband price ended up in customers' pockets.

Telecommunications Commissioner Dr Stephen Gale says telcos passed almost 90 percent of the price drop on to their customers. He says: "...our regulation reduced wholesale prices and it’s good to see consumers benefitting. At the same time, as average prices have been falling, it’s also good to see the value of standard bundles continuing to increase with consumers getting more data for their dollar."

Gale is talking about the December 2015 final decision on the price Chorus charges ISPs for local lines. This amounted to around $4 less per month per connection. To see what this meant to consumer prices, a Commerce Commission study examined 80,000 residential telecom bills from Spark, Vodafone and Vocus. Let's hope the Commerce Commission automated that process.

There's a video of Gale discussing the study on the Commerce Commission’s website.