Television New Zealand has bowed to the inevitable.

From Monday, the state-owned broadcaster will livestream channels 1 and 2. Viewers will be able to see all broadcast material over the internet on PCs, tablets and phones. Everything will be available online in HD 720p format. There will also be a new catch-up on-demand service. 

At Stuff, Tom Pullar-Strecker reports TVNZ is offering more material in a box-set format for binge viewers. He speaks to TVNZ general manager of technology Greg Montgomery, who says: "We have to acknowledge there is an influence like Netflix in the market".

From next month TVNZ will add Chromecast support with Apple TV support coming later this year. 

Among other changes the new streaming service will be optimised for viewing on mobile devices and programmes will be available online for longer than in the past. 

For now, there are no plans to do anything about television transmission, although that could be revisited in the future.