Vocus fibre broadband customers with unlimited data plans download an average of 430GB a month. The average for all fibre customers is 425GB.

Taryn Hamilton, Vocus Group’s general manager of consumer for Orcon and Slingshot says customers with unlimited VDSL plans download an average of 288GB, those on ADSL download 225GB. The average monthly download for all Vocus broadband customers is 288GB for those on unlimited plans and 230GB for all customers.

He says: ““While the average might seem high, Vocus customers have always used more than the national average. And we expect usage to double again in the next 12 to 18 months. Given that, it’s pretty insane to think that the average data use for fibre customers will soon be more than a terabyte.”

Hamilton says the overwhelming majority of Vocus customers across all the company’s brands and speed options are on unlimited data plans. Almost every customer on the company’s 1000/500Mbps and 200/200Mbps products has an unlimited plan. Around 85 percent of those on the 100/50Mbps service have an unlimited plan. The number drops to 77 percent for Vocus customers on VDSL services.

There’s a clear move to faster plans. Hamilton says most Orcon customers are already on fibre. Half of all new sign-ups choose the 1000Mbps plan. In part this reflects Orcon’s market positioning as the high-end brand for the most demanding internet enthusiasts.

He says in general data usage is doubling every 12 to 18 months, although it took a great leap forward when Netflix began operating in New Zealand.

Netflix remains the driving force behind demand for more data and faster plans. Hamilton says it is the fastest growing traffic type on the network and it doubled in the last year. Around a quarter of all Vocus broadband traffic is now Netflix. It is most popular with customers in Auckland, followed by Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.