Vodafone is offering a fixed wireless broadband service to customers waiting for a fibre connection. Customers signing for the Ultimate Home Fibre plan get an Ultra Hub Plus modem. Vodafone says this will give them a “mobile broadband connection over Vodafone’s 4G/3G mobile network while they wait for their fibre broadband to be installed”.

In a press release Vodafone’s outgoing consumer director Matt Williams says: “Our customers tell us they are frustrated by installation wait times, while others say they are putting off a move to fibre because they simply don’t want to be disconnected while they wait”.

Williams says there are significant delays as people wait for fibre. Yet, at the time of writing the average wait for a broadband connection on the Chorus network is 13 days. Enable says it generally connects customers inside two weeks.

Customers can use their Vodafone fixed wireless during the install and avoid any disruptions. After fibre is installed the Ultra Hub Plus modem acts as a backup. If there’s a disruption on the fibre network traffic is automatically routed via the fixed wireless network.