Vodafone has a new speech-mark logo and a new slogan. The bright red colour stays, although there will be less of it. From today the white on red will become red on white.

The change is all part of a global brand make-over. According to the company the new look shows that Vodafone is confident digital technologies and services are going to make our lives better. 

There’s also a subtle change of emphasis away from the company being, essentially a phone network, to being a more general technology service provider. This move was first noticeable at the Vodafone NZ Gigabit Summit held in August where there was little talk of phone networks and lots about how we’re going to live in the future. 

Vodafone New Zealand Consumer Director Matt Williams says “We think the future of technology is very exciting. Our focus now is to ensure our customers are ready to make the most of it." Actually he said a lot more in the press statement, but the words ‘phone’ and ‘network’ were conspicuous by their absence. 

The brand strategy is global. Vodafone says it heralds the biggest advertising campaign in the company’s history. New Zealanders will be able to see this in a new TV commercial which will show from today. Australia doesn’t get the new advertising until later this month. 

As part of the marketing activity Vodafone asked people in 14 countries about their views on the future. It says New Zealanders are more optimistic than Australians or the British, but all three come in behind India.