I have gigabit fibre at home. It’s brilliant. I can download content at incredible speeds. We can watch 4k Netflix while fiddling on our phones. The idea of waiting for content to load is almost a thing of the past for us. We live in the future and it’s fantastic.

Now, I admit that I’m not likely to be representative of all New Zealanders. I work in the industry and I am a big fan of better internet. I’m not quite a millennial. In fact, I read the other day that I’m a xennial – someone who has enjoyed the internet all their teenage and adult life. What this means is that I am likely to take excellent internet connectivity seriously.

That also means I am bewildered as to why only 43 percent of those able to buy fibre are actually doing so. I find myself regularly asking people: “Why don’t you have fibre yet?”  

Now, I know that in many ways the uptake of fibre so far is quite impressive – 43 percent is good. I also recognise that many New Zealanders would love to but can’t get fibre yet, or ever, because they are outside the rollout area.

However, it still astonishes me that fewer than half of those who could buy fibre are doing so. I also remember that for many, many years people would express concern and dismay that New Zealand’s internet wasn’t good enough.

Well, for many of us now our internet is good enough. Fibre is better than every single other form of connectivity. It is almost certainly faster. And it is almost certainly more stable and reliable. It may even be cheaper than what people are currently using. It requires a bit of effort to install, but after that it’s all gravy. 

I want to issue a challenge, not just to internet users but to Internet Service Providers as well. I challenge you to answer my question: “Why don’t you have fibre yet?” Then I want you to consider taking the plunge. Why are you still buying – or, indeed, selling – products that are based on copper? Is it really the best solution for your customers, or your family? I  doubt it, or that it is the right answer for the more than half of New Zealanders who have yet to go the fibre route. 

We all have the chance right now to enjoy better, world class, in fact, connectivity in many of our homes and our businesses. If you don’t have fibre yet, ask yourself: why not? Then have a look at fibre. I think you will  be pleased you did.

Andrew Cushen is deputy CEO of InternetNZ but writes in a personal capacity here